Brotherly Love

With getting deeper into society. We often don’t seem to highlight the heterosexual beings who have displayed nothing but comfortability and support in being themselves and being around others who may have different preferences than theirselves. This project is to display brotherly love; two men being comfortable in their own skin without having to appeal to absolute masculine norms. I asked both @dangernappa and @issaisaiah, “ Why is it important to break gender roles while still upholding your heterosexuality in today’s time?”

@dangernappa -

This is a crazy question for me since I do not really pursue breaking gender roles, it’s something that just happened/happens. Natural I guess. I grew up with my dad incarcerated so my mom started dating and got a girlfriend, so we had two moms. To me it wasn’t that deep, it was just like how I’d expect any parents to raise their children. This I think also has an impact on how I perceive relationships. I do not need to be the head of the household or my ego is crushed. There shouldn’t be a power dynamic where I have to always be on top just because I am a man.

I also grew up with four brothers so the dynamic was very macho. There was also the idea of being tough around my way which was out of necessity. It wasn’t sweet and there were definitely homophobic mindsets around. As a high schooler I caught flak for my dyed hair more often than I’d like. Even hanging out with my homies who happened to be gay had my girlfriend at the time accusing me of being gay for that.

So by high school I had caught the vibe that people will try to come for me off of how I would express myself. People had all these expectations for what a “straight man” is supposed to be by their teens.

For me my personal expression is everything. It is part of everything I do, may it be in modeling, fashion, music or tattooing. How it is “gendered” is arbitrary to me because I know who I am and public opinion can’t change that. I personally also do not think I am doing anything revolutionary. I think I come across as pretty masculine.

@issaisaiah -

Well, it is important to break gender roles while still being myself because someone has to show people that they can embrace who they are without feeling wrong for it.

To help others build confidence within themselves so we can all be comfortable with who we are.

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