This year, I was so honored to be apart of an article Coveteur curated based on men wearing make up…..



On his history with and approach to makeup:

“I began wearing makeup around last year, so I am primarily new, but I have always been into skin care. I honestly learned [putting on makeup] from the makeup artist on each set I’ve modeled on.”

On the perception of men wearing makeup:

“I think the perception on men wearing makeup is that if you wear makeup as a man, it automatically makes you soft and puts you in a category as feminine, which I disagree with. Makeup to me is seen as clothes. It’s an accessory in its own form. When I put on makeup, it completes my look for the occasion. Every type of man can wear makeup. It doesn’t have to be highlight or contour; you can put on dark eyeliner and pull a look like skaters. There is a look for everyone.”


Ziggy Mack johnson