Meeting Johnell was such a great experience! She came with her team members and I knew she was about business. Her look was so soft and vibrant, almost reminded me of Cassie. Her team always made sure her hair didn’t fall out of place and her nipples always in tact.

My name is Platinum Johnell I am 19 years old & I am originally from San Francisco California, The city by the Bay. When I think of what fashion means to me, immediately I think of the craft all influential individuals construct and there signature curio. Fashion defined: art that you can constitute, creating pieces that are as complex as you are & showing the city how exactly you are feeling that day without saying a word. There are no rules in the world of vogue. Fashion is all about taking risk & being able to express yourself in a way your confidence is found up front & center. Style carries out your entire existence & has its evolutions, own them. It’s time to get to work and body the keys of living the lifestyle that embraces upscale progression. 

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