Mariah Marrero

For my fourth client, I had the pleasure of meeting Mariah, a beautiful spicy girl from out of town. Upon meeting her, I knew it would be cool to do more of an editorial theme. My photographer @zackarp had the great idea of turning his home into a studio and it turned out wonderful. Meet Mariah….

My name is Mariah Marrero. i’m 20 years old and i’m from Lowell, MA. What inspires me about fashion is that it literally creates an outlet for individuals to express themselves and essentially be who they want to be. Fashion is everything— style is everything. it’s something that just comes so naturally to me & i love that i’ve been able start my career in the industry simply by tapping into my inner self. the universe is amazing! my goals are to revolutionize fashion, become one of the most influential runway models, and to break every box they try to put me in. i’m going to change the world!! one love Xx

Ziggy Mack johnson