Going into my third feature for the Holiday Special, I was pleasured to meet and style this brooklyn queen. Being from Brooklyn, it always interest me to work with other people from Brooklyn because often times, people that I work with and socialize with are mainly from out of state. Meet Kenyetta

Kenyetta Akilah, 18, Brooklyn,NY

Fashion is something I’ve always leaned towards, even before I actually acknowledged it. As I grow and my personality changes, my style is always changing along with it, both of us growing for the better. It’s the only art I’ve ever really been good at, wearing my creativity is my only way of really letting it out. 

My biggest goal is to make a career out of my love for expressing myself through fashion as well as expressing other people’s ideas. Modeling is a passion of mine and to pursue it and share it with others is what I want to do most. 

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