Aaron Ladon

To begin my Holiday Season special, I started with Aaron La’Don. It’s funny because I’ve known Aaron for a couple of years and we never really connected one on one so to start off the series with him was a bit refreshing….

For Aaron La’Don, his style is already cunt which I love so I wanted to thug it out a bit…….

Words from Aaron La’Don


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I love that fashion is always evolving with the times of the world. At any time or any place there is something we can wear to stand out and set ourselves apart. Fashion is life and it’s hardworking.

I am always aspiring to be a better version of myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I like combining masculinity with femininity to express myself. I want to be a globetrotter and travel the world, become a successful model and personality, be happy with where I’m at in every moment, and spread love to show people that we actually can be happy.

All Photos done by @zackarp

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