We all know scarfs have been around before our personal time and will definitively be around after this generation. Through the process and growth of scarves in our community, we have learned so many different ways to rock them. They have even became a symbol of religion, deriving from the Muslim background, a symbol of certain gangs as well, and also a way to keep warm..... but this spring/summer there is a certain way to rock it! 

High Fashion has made a stamp for us to rock our scarfs every human possibly way ever. The classic square scarf has worked its way into the eyes of mainstream designers, turning a grocery store look into a high class luxury look. 

Everyone can rock this look because scarfs are so accessible being that you can buy any type of scarf basically everywhere. And here’s how to rock it properly:

  1. Fold scarf into a triangle 

  2. Drape it over your head with the long edge of the triangle across your upper forehead. 

  3. Cross the ends of the scarf under your chin. 

  4. Bring the ends to the back or side of your neck. 

  5. Tie ends in a square knot. 

Ziggy Mack johnson